Read the Series that started it all. Dark Urban Fantasy Romance at it’s finest…

Read the Series that started it all. 

Dark Urban Fantasy Romance at its finest…

“This is way more that a paltry 5-star rating! This story has everything – action (violence), magic, lots of – nice variety too – of supernaturals, romance – a reverse harem – slow to peak and what a great group of guys! – bad guys, good guys, TENSION, and more. The stage is set, the first act is completed by the end of the book (not a cliffhanger) but there is much more to come. Can’t wait to see the baddies get theirs!! But book 2 won’t be here till late June – sad but true. Try this story – you will love it!

A human, a hellhound, and an archangel walk into a bar…

Sounds like the first line to a joke, right?
Only it’s no joke…it’s my damned life.
Witches are running riot.
Shifters are on the hunt.
Demons are eating humans.

There’s a new drug on the street. Sigil is dark and deadly…to the paranormal kind, opening up their second sight, urging them to maim, torture, and kill.
And the bodies are piling up.

“I absolutely loved this book and I can’t wait until the next book in this series is here!
There are so many surprises hidden in this story that they constantly kept me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for another one.
Kim Faulks is definitely an amazing story weaver with the way she hooks her readers and won’t release them until they get to the end of the stories she writes.
She always leaves us wanting and needing more.
So it’s gonna be a big HECK YEAH I most definitely do recommend this book because I thought it was totally amazing!”

They’ll fall from Grace to make her theirs.

The blinding light of Heaven is no salvation.

Its white walls, my prison, its gate, the entrance to my cell.

But I don’t belong here. I never have.

Four Archangels took me from my bed at the Convent of Heavenly Christos.

They chained my hands and feet and carried me on broad backs, with mammoth wings beating the air into submission.

They brought me here, because of a secret I cannot remember.

A secret so powerful it’ll start a war between Heaven and Hell.

So I do the only thing I can.

I run.

Want Friends to Lovers Hellhound Romance?

You’ll love Melkor & Purity

Ever sent a letter to the wrong person by mistake?

I did when I was eight years old, and then I was visited by the Lord of Hell himself. But there was no real mistake. Not then when I was just a kid, and not now that I’m a woman. 

I wanted a puppy for Christmas. 

And a puppy is what I got. 

Only, Melkor, son of the Lord of Hell’s finest Hellhound warrior was given to me not as a gift, but as a Guardian. 

And when Melkor goes missing, I’m given the only option a best friend has. I fight fire with fire and become a woman possessed—a mortal woman, that is. 

He’s been my best friend, my Guardian, for almost my entire life…but now, as I travel to the Underworld to save him, I realize he’s so much more. 

Melkor says after me, Hell is easy. 

I guess I’m about to find out.

Kim Faulks

© 2016 Haunting Fiction Pty Ltd.

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