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Ugh. I hate talking about myself. I guess this comes with the job, doesn’t it? What do you want to know? Married, kids, and all that stuff? What makes me write what I write? What makes me tick?

I guess the simple answer is life.

We all have pain, we all have pleasure. My job is to not just feel it in a fleeting moment, but to capture it, hold it tight so I can one day wrap it up in a jumble of sentences, paragraphs and pages and give you a piece of me in a book.

My stories aren’t always nice, but they are real. They are cruel and gritty and perfectly beautiful in a way that can only be… me.

I hurt a little too deep. I cry a little too much, but I always love enough to peel back the layers and give you a story you will never forget and characters you will grow to love.

I’m an Aussie girl who grew up in the bush and one day found a book in the library… a book that changed my world,

Bram Stokers, Dracula.

And I’ve been searching for that magic ever since.

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Kim Faulks

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