It’s all about Dragons – Taurus release

So last week I launched the first book in my new series, The Guardians of the Stars. Taurus was met with ooo's and ahhhh's. A lot of Holy Sh*t! And OMG's. And I'm still chuckling. I love it. I love the reviews. I love the emails. I love the readers who pester me for...

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What the Shift by Eva Gordon

What the shift? How does one becomes a werewolf. I am often asked to do wolf lore and werewolf lore lectures for writer and library groups so I'm familiar with  many different types of werewolf lore. There are many werewolf paranormal romance and werewolf horror...

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Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! by Gwen Knight

Shapeshifters as a whole are my favorite paranormal breed to write and read about. Part of the appeal is the range in animals with wolves, bears, and dragons seemingly being among the most popular. But what about others? Since I’ve begun publishing in the paranormal...

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Crossing Genres: The Ultimate Mash-Up with Tabitha Conall

I didn’t start out writing paranormal romance. I didn’t even start out writing romance at all–my very first story, back when I was seven, was science fiction. Since then, I’ve written science fiction, fantasy, Y/A, mystery, non-fiction, and of course romance, of...

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