The Blood Courtesans Series


Dark, Sexy and filled with Vampires, the Blood Courtesans world is one you want to leave.

Multiple books by different authors. You can find my contribution to this series here…

Vampires are real and I’m in trouble. Fifteen grand to a vampire mob boss kind of trouble, and I have no way of paying the debt.
Blood isn’t all the vampires are after–sex is their most sought after commodity and the one thing I’ve never had.
So I do the only thing I can to survive, I become a Blood Courtesan.
I’ve been sold to the highest bidder–a dangerous vampire new to Boston and someone no one wants to mess with.
Only one man can come to my rescue–the vampire enforcer with a killer smile–Kol.
But as I step into the vampire den and I’m forced to bare my body and my mind, doubt slowly creeps in–I don’t think he’ll be back in time to save me.

I was sold, and then saved. My life as a Blood Courtesan was over before it began. But my horrors continue to haunt me in the secrets Kol keeps.
Devlin Holland’s brothers have come for one thing—retribution. And they’ll stop at nothing to see Kol fall to his knees.

You can’t keep a bloodthirsty vampire down.

The Holland brothers are dead and now I’m a vampire.
But a newborn immortal isn’t supposed to crave the blood of their own…
Don’t tell anyone, Kol tells me. Not Rurik. Not Angelique.
He’s scared.
I’m hungry.
And this is only the beginning.

The Fire and Ice Series 


The Fire and Ice Series is a tale of undying passion and love as Natalie is torn between two immortals that hold a secret so deadly that it will tear her world apart.


Natalie Sommers is an armed bodyguard. She has completed two tours in Afghanistan with the Australian Army and carries five different weapon licenses. To say she is a tough, no-nonsense woman, is an understatement. But underneath the tough exterior that she shows, lies the truth that she won’t admit – that she is lonely.
So when she is hired to escort the rich and gorgeous Alexander Ash around the dazzling backdrop of Sydney she can’t help but become seduced by his fixation of her.
But it is no accident that Alexander has walked into her life, as he has met her, loved her and fought for her before.
Alexander Ash has sworn he would love her forever, even if it means searching for all eternity…and eternity is a long time for a vampire.
The Fire and Ice Series is a tale of undying passion and love as Natalie is torn between two immortals that hold a secret so deadly that it will tear her world apart.

Seductive Sands

Have you ever felt that instant connection with someone and you knew you have loved them before? Natalie’s Sommers’ has.
Many times.
Over many centuries…
And many lifetimes…
Desperate to find the answers to questions that haunt her, she travels to the shifting sands of the Arabian Desert with her immortal lover.

But the truth that awaits them beside a sparkling desert oasis is both seductive and deadly. Natalie will need to overcome not only a creature older than time itself, but also the reflection of her past fighting to live again, within her…


After the tug-o-war events between her two immortal lovers Alexander and Malik, Natalie Sommers thought she knew it all. She thought she knew what she wanted. She thought she was safe.
She was wrong.
Hot on the tails of Reclaimed and Seductive Sands, Natalie finds herself the unwilling guest of a vicious and bloodthirsty immortal who will stop at nothing to get what she wants and what she wants will drive Natalie to brink of her sanity and beyond.
Enslaved is the third installment in The Fire and Ice Series and will catapult the reader back into Natalie’s search for the truth of her past and the two immortals that are destined to be a part of her future.
And this time, all bets are off!


Natalie Sommers is left to die in a filthy alley in the middle of nowhere.

Her body broken.

Her soul gone.

Her captor Kaige had one last parting gift for Natalie, the taste of Vampire blood in her mouth.

Natalie survives and as the Vampire blood takes hold chaining her to Kaige for her immortal life, something else happens.

Something that no one could have ever thought possible.

With the fire of her lover Malik in her heart and the Ancient power of Makkah in her veins, Natalie leaves humanity far behind and becomes not just a danger to others, but a danger to herself.

Can Natalie find a way back to her humanity? Can she find a way back to love?

Yesterday's Ashes

In the final installment of the Fire and Ice Series, Natalie must face not only the growing power inside her, but the cruel, blood-thirsty power of her maker.
Kaige wants nothing more than to see the men Natalie loves dead, and she will use her maker’s call, a pull Natalie cannot deny, to do it.
Can Natalie overcome the animal inside herself to protect those she loves? Or will she lose it all when she succumbs to Kaige’s power?

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