So last week I launched the first book in my new series, The Guardians of the Stars. Taurus was met with ooo’s and ahhhh’s. A lot of Holy Sh*t! And OMG’s. And I’m still chuckling.

I love it. I love the reviews. I love the emails. I love the readers who pester me for the next book (and I swear it’s going to blow your mind!)

If you haven’t had a chance to check this new book out. I’ll post a little teaser below.


How many are there?”

He shrugged. “Dunno, one pack isn’t too big, forty, fifty at most. Most of them are women and children, some old folks as well. The other one is more than seventy strong, big bastards, too. Echo pack they call themselves. There’s talk about an attack on one of their alphas. If we give ‘em a week or two, they might kill each other.” He clawed the stubble at his chin as though the idea of slaughter seemed appealing. “If it wasn’t for the bodies and the stench, I’d let ‘em, too.”

I couldn’t remember the last time I ate flesh or drank blood. But, as I narrowed in on this pathetic excuse for a human, the need for both overwhelmed me.

The walls seemed to close in as I crossed the room. I slammed my palms on the edge of his desk. The wood splintered under the force. The thin sheeting crunched and cracked. I rode the fall as the desk collapsed. Somehow, under the forgotten pain and fresh anger, my dragon rose to the surface.

Need filled me, tasting like bitter water from rusted pipes. My top lip curled. The sound rumbled in the back of my throat.

Fear me, my dragon whispered, and so help me, I did.

The air stank of fear and sweat. I gulped the fetid smell and tried to keep the hunger from my voice. “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that. You make one move against the wolves without coming to me and I’ll set fire to that squeaky wheel of yours. I’ll burn this entire town to the fucking ground. Do you hear me?”

His skin turned ashen. The heat of his breath washed over me as he exhaled with a shudder. I straightened from the shattered desk. “Two days. Do not move on them until you consult with me first.”

“Sure. Got it.” His whisper was all I needed.

I straightened and the desk crumbled to the floor. “My car. I’ll need the paperwork for the insurance.”

Morse dropped his gaze, then slid off the chair to the ground, searching the papers that now littered the floor. His fingers shook, scattering the pile as he went until he snagged a form from the rest. “Here, single car collision. A small fine for negligence… it’s automatic now. I can’t change it.”

I grasped the page, then straightened. “I’ll be in touch.”

His sudden exhale haunted my steps as I strode from the room. I’d never realized how estranged I’d become from this world, until now.

Let them die. Let them rot.

Who were the monsters now?

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