I have some exciting news coming up in the next few months. New series, new books and lots of shifters! My new series titled, Underground Kings is featured in the Alpha Shifter Seductions boxset with book 0.5 titled, Savage.

You can find information on this under the Shifter Romance tab at the top. For now, I’d love to give you an excerpt:

Savage by Kim Faulks

“So, you’ve come back.”

I flinched at Coen’s hard tone and scanned the darkened room. Shadows clung to the corners, revealing the outline of his body. I kept his gaze and stepped inside. A shiver passed through me as he moved into the light. There was something strange about him.  Those cold black eyes glinted with rage. I kept my voice steady, fighting the fear. “Yes, I came back.”

His gaze shifted to my arm. “And, wounded again, I see. “

Heat rushed to my face. “I never asked to be rescued. I’m not some weak, pathetic animal.”

He closed the distance between us before I could react. “But that’s just it, isn’t it? You are a weak, pathetic creature. You leave yourself weak by the very thing you run from, don’t you understand that by now? She’s close, you can feel her shifting under your skin. You can smell her, see though her eyes.  She wants to be you, share you.”

I flinched. The spark in his eyes caught fire. “You see through her eyes, don’t you?”

I shook my head as Drake stepped inside the room. He glanced from Coen to me, his brow furrowed. “What’s going on?”

Coen’s hand was around my neck before I could move. His grip tightened as Drake moved close. “Stop right there. This has to be done Drake. She’s fought too long, if she doesn’t change now, she could die, or….”

The color ran from Drake’s face, making him look jaundiced under the fire’s glow. Coen moved his face next to my ear. Hot breath tickled my neck. “There’s another way to force the change. You know what I mean, don’t you, Mia?”

I jerked my head forward, shifting underneath his grasp. “Stop Coen. Don’t do this.”

“She was so close last night. I almost brought on the change myself. But, I can smell Drake all over you, in your hair. On your clothes. The wolf wants what the wolf wants.”

Something passed between Coen and Drake. His blue eyes drifted to mine, then back to Coen. “What are you doing, Coen? She’s not ready, you can’t force the shift if she isn’t ready.”

Coen shoved me forward, cloth tore, leaving me in my bra. “Do you have any idea what we’re up against here? Do you know who they are?”

I opened my mouth to argue, but the scent of Drake’s excitement hit me like a blow. Coen speared his hands through the cup of my bra, releasing my breasts from the confines of the cotton. My body hardened under his gaze, dragging something darker to the surface.

“This is what she needs, Drake. This is the only way she can change without killing herself.”

Coen wrenched my head to the side. His lips trailed down my neck as his fingers worked my nipples to a point, his words uttered against the warmth of my skin. “She needs to be broken, Drake. We can do that for her. We can help her.”

I didn’t hear his words, stolen by the hard pull on my breast. The pain mingled with something else, a darker longing that enticed to explore. The wolf wanted this. I leaned into his touch and shuddered. This was what I was afraid of.


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